Hello stoner owners!

I just started this little blog for faster communication about the glorious Stoner Pro 40 SSB. Mine is running rather well after a lot of work, but I still have some questions:

The rectifier gets really hot, what is your power consumption, when on RX ? Mine has about .4 Amperes @120 Volt

Does anybody have a solution for the popping noise, caused by the 2 Volts supply on the LED board ?


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Stoner Owner no. 361
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41 Responses to Hello stoner owners!

  1. Tom says:

    The stoner left ebay in a mysterious way….
    And this old ARF ( with switches on top ??! ) got over 800 bucks !

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  4. tom says:

    The f***ing popping noise is history with #361, here is the solution:

  5. Steve owner of Stoner # 396 says:

    Hi, I am owner of Stoner 396.

    It had burned power supply board and regulators, and other serious problems from an unqualified amateur repairman’s screwdriver.

    My friend and I took it completely apart then completely re-built it and now it works great.

    We locked the TX & RX together so now the clarifier acts as a VFO.

    If You need advice perhaps we can help, also there is an expert in Stoners who posts on Grumpy’s Old Time CB Radio Forum, his handle there is RifleMan, he has owned two of them and rebuilt both of them.

    Cheers from Steve KF7ARG in southern Oregon, I am always on CH38LSB

    • Anonymous says:

      Saw your Stoner reply
      Just received a real gem like brand new serial # in high 400’s dont have it in front of me.
      I notice when i transmit that the digital readout is of buy .2 or .3 from receive display. Is
      this normal

  6. Vaughn says:

    For the record I have all the stock from Stoner Communications Inc., shop. Cuss went Silent Key a few years back and I had the job of cleaning out my good friends facilities. If there is something you are looking for I may have it. WB6DYA gonemining@gmail.com

  7. Ernie says:

    I just bought 014 off Ebay

  8. Ted says:

    I have #492, with uppers and 10m conversion, #268, stock, and #522, for parts. two speakers, and the meter bridge/coax switch, original D-104 and the black hand mic. For sale. Make offer.


    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve since acquired one of Ted’s Stoner Pro-40’s, SN # 248 (not a typo), along with the SWR-40 meter bridge/coax switch, one of the SPK-40 external speakers, and the original black handheld mic. #248 was not stock however; it was half-modded for the upper ‘free’ bands (now completed and functional), and the clarifier was also opened up. I’ve added a small heatsink to the rectifier. I’ve also un-modded the meter, as it was changed for using an alternate matcher/tuner. This radio is simply amazing, as is in mint condition. Thank you so much, Ted.

  9. stoner248 says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day 2013 Everyone,

    For your consideration, here is the long lost Layout Diagram of Exciter Board Assembly for the STONER PRO-40 SSB radio. It is the most important one too, as the alignment adjustments and calibrations are mostly on this board.


    I have an original copy of the manual with other pages that have never surfaced online. I am in the process of restoring the scanned version and will upload it when completed.


    S T O N E R R A D I O
    Toronto Canada

  10. stoner248 says:

    Here’s a link that doesn’t require a login:

    S T O N E R R A D I O
    Toronto Canada

    • tom says:

      Hi Stoner Radio,
      thank you very much for this information !
      Is it ok for you, if I link it to the other informations on the stoner site ?
      73 & 10-4

  11. Anonymous says:

    By all means, please go ahead Tom!

    S T O N E R R A D I O
    Toronto Canada

  12. Fred says:

    After years of pondering the purchase of a Pro-40 I finally pulled the trigger on one, possibly another. I’m now looking for accessories. If anyone has any -40 stuff you want to part with, please drop me a line. Hope to hear some of you on the air with your Stoners.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i have stoner 0190 does not recive just bought it also came with orginal speaker &cobra 21xlr for am any help would be appericated Thanks Rick.

  14. mark says:

    what is the mic wiring code for the pro 40 ?

  15. Stoner #322 just bought BuyitNow on ebay at $700 AUD – received well packed for the journey DownUnder to Portarlington Victoria. Great cosmetic condition but many mods to be fixed. RX OK TX carrier to 15watts with MIC button IN – 4 watts OUT on old hand mic that seems to suit after trying a Turner SSK and Kenwood MC-85 which did not.

  16. Richard Tschur says:

    I’m interested in buying a Stoner Pro 40,anyone know of one, that is for sale?
    Regards Richard

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  18. RG says:

    Hello, i have a stoner that the PLL wont lock, any info about this issue would be appreciated

  19. RG says:

    I’ve got the problem fixed. Now need to figure out how to pull the meter to fix the sticking issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad this got sorted out. Interesting about a modification with crystals – would love to see pics, if you took any, or even a drawing of the mod.

      About the popping noise: it’s more of a constant tick-tick-tick, seemingly with the refresh rate of the Chl/freq digits. Someone told me that they resolved this problem with a large 10ohm resistor installed ‘between the analog and the digital” sections of the power going to the display. If anyone knows specifics of this fix, I’d be much ablidged.

      Also, about the ‘sticking’ meter….it’s not even the meter….please dont take it apart. I know it’s common in many meters for debris from dried out washers to fall into the needle spring mechanism, but the that has never been the case for a Stoner radio, that I have ever heard of anyways. The solution is apparently a bad capacitor. It’s a small made in mexico yellow/orange disc cap, on the board with the red display digits. I havent had time to disect my rig again, to perform this repair, but the information came from a very reliable source. Wish I had photos.

      Hope this helps, and that all’s well with everyone out there.

      Frank in Alberta
      248 S T O N E R R A D I O

      • RG says:

        Hello Frank, in my case it was a sticking meter and was an easy fix. I didnt take any pics of the crystal mod and didnt trace the wires under the board to see where soldered in, bypassed it and left it all in there for maybe a later time. Are you the same Frank that has parts? Not sure what i might be in need of or maybe you can help. The radio has a serious drifting problem and currently on the shelf, not what i expected of a stoner but it is an old unit, maybe crystals giving up? Any suggestions?

  20. 13gd007 says:

    @RG, I edited the comment, as you wished… What was the problem, if it was not the CPU ?

  21. RG says:

    It had 2 crystals soldered on the board for low side and high side of 10 meters, high side crystal was bad. Removed the mod and now it works like new.

  22. RG says:

    There is no ‘popping” noise from the display, maybe it was an issue with earlier numbers?

  23. RG says:

    Anyone know of a sourse for parts?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have many parts, depending on what need. Let me know.


      • Gavin Hatfield says:

        Gday I’ve have just acquired a stoner and was wondering what parts you have available,also any accessories I’m missing the ham 40 option thanks for your time Gav

      • Jefferson joseph says:

        Hello Frank
        I am Looking for a Replacement METER FOR MY PRO-40 SSB RADIO.
        Thank you


      • Last Chance says:

        I don’t, sorry. I handle a different Stoner Communication company parts for UHF/VHF equipment not the CB line. Good luck and 73’s to ya WB6DYA On Tue, Jul 19, 2022 at 8:38 AM Stoner SSB 40 pro < comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:

        Jefferson joseph commented: “Hello Frank I am Looking for a Replacement > METER FOR MY PRO-40 SSB RADIO. DO YOU HAVE ONE AND HOW MUCH? Thank you Jeff > nj2i@yahoo.com” >

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, I had posted a long message here about a week or two ago, listing several of the parts I had, but I dont see my message now. I unfortunately dont have any spare meters for the PRO-40.

        73 de Frank

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